Seven Ways to Reduce Electricity Cost Despite Daily Aircon Usage 

Seven Ways to Reduce Electricity Cost Despite Daily Aircon Usage 

When the summer months are in, we all expect our electric bills to increase drastically. This is as automatic as the rise in temperature during this season because we cannot simply let go of the comfort that our air conditioning system brings. We’d rather pay more than suffer during these hot and humid months.

If this is true in countries with four seasons, how much more in those regions where the climate is hot for most days of the year? The good news is, you don’t really need to endure the heat in order to save electricity. Just follow these tips and you will notice a positive change in your electric bill.


Close the curtains during the day 

When nobody’s home during the day, it will be best to close all your  curtains in order to prevent light from entering your house. This will lower the temperature inside your house so your air conditioning system won’t need to work double time in the evening. It will also be better if you use thick and dark-colored curtains for your windows because they do a better job in blocking the sunlight.


Open the windows at night

If you can bear not turning the aircon unit on in the evening when the temperature drops a bit down, turn it off for a few hours before you go to sleep. While the AC is not working, open your windows in order to allow all the trapped heat and hot air inside to escape. By doing this, you are actually boosting your AC’s capacity to cool your house down. Do this everyday and you will notice a big change.


Use dividers inside your room 

Sure you want your bedroom to look as wide as possible, without any obstruction in sight. But you can integrate accordion-style or foldable dividers in your room designing plans. Place them near your bed and spread them before you turn the AC on. This way, the cold air from your cooling system can be trapped in your sleeping area. You can check these tips out to know the other design trends you can apply to your home.


Choose the right AC unit

Your main consideration in choosing the perfect AC for your house should not be the price. Make it your long-term goal to save electricity by purchasing an AC unit that is energy-efficient. This will save you a great amount of money by lessening your electric bill. Look at the size of your house too and assess your needs to determine whether you need a small, simple AC or a bigger one.


Schedule regular AC maintenance work 

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Invest on the maintenance of your AC. Never assume that as long as it’s working well, you don’t need a professional to check it out. Your cooling system works everyday so it should also be maintained regularly as well. Get help from a reliable aircon servicing company so they can check if all the parts are functioning well or if something needs to be repaired or replaced.


Minimize activities that will trap the heat inside

Make a better schedule for your activities inside the house in order to avoid trapping the heat for a long period of time. Instead of cooking twice a day, allot two to three straight hours for a one-time-big-time cooking session to prepare all the meals you will need for the following day.


Reduce appliance usage  

We all know that most of our appliances like the television, desktop computer, fryer, electric kettle, and more emit heat when we use them. As much as possible, do not to use them all at the same time, especially when your aircon unit is on. Otherwise, more amount of heat will be trapped inside the house and your AC will need to work double time.



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