Four Tips on How to Jumpstart your Architectural Design Planning

Four Tips on How to Jumpstart your Architectural Design Planning

Getting the house floor plan you’ve been dreaming about isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have to make compromises on your needs and wants, go through endless revisions, and have your heart broken constantly. You also have to check a lot of floor plan inspirations to get each detail right so you won’t regret anything in the future. All of these will definitely eat up a lot of your time. In order to help you out, here are a couple of architecture design tips to save you from having a headache with your new home.

Look for inspiration all the time

We know your time might be limited but trust us, the effort will be worth it. You can spend a few hours a day checking every website you know for architectural design ideas for your brand new house. We’re sure you’re going to get a single or many substantial details to add to your plans. At the same time, you can also ask every homeowner you know for any kind of design inspiration they know. The more people you ask, the more design tips you’re going to get.

Create a solid plan

You’ve got enough inspiration and design details huh? Well, that’s good because you’re going to need all of them for this next step – house planning. In this step, you have to determine the floor area you’re aiming for and if you have enough funds to make it happen. You also have to determine each fixture and area’s measurement in your floor plan. This should be done so you have a clear idea on what to expect when the construction begins and when it is done.

Along with creating a plan, you have also have to clear the cost of each square foot with your architecture and other contractors. You have to be clear that the cost should include all the areas of your home, and not just certain parts of it. In this way, you can control your budget and expectations.

Make the most out of your residential lot

Every lot is different and no two are exactly the same. With that thought, it would be best if you played to your strengths and get a home design plan that makes the most of your lot. For example, you have an empty lot that’s situated on an uneven ground. The topography of your lot can be a bane for some but it can still be a boon for you. Just make sure all the design elements of your floor plan compensates for this slope and you’ll be okay. In fact, creating a driveway for your cars will be easier too.


Roofs are what make your house stand out

Sure, every area in your house should be given ample time and effort in its design. But in all of this, the roof of your new house is the first thing you and other people will see. In fact, one look at the roof and any first impression of your house will be created instantly. In coming up with an architectural plan for your new house, go over the roof and make sure it ends up the way you want it to.


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